Nevertheless, She Persisted

I know I have already wrote a post about girls education, but that just goes to show you how important it is that girls have the opportunity to learn. Educating girls is one of the best investments in developing countries. Why? Because for every year that girls are educated, economies grow 5 – 12 percent. However, there are 62 million girls that are not in school. And that has to change.
Girl Rising is an organization that is devoted to using the power of storytelling to change the way people think and value girls education. I encourage everyone to watch the documentary and read the book. It is critical that people come together and fight for girls education. There are many ways you can help the fight for girls education. Check out: for more information about the organization and the girls that are making a difference.

If you would like to help girls in Liberia go to school you can take a look at 

Bosh Bosh is a fashion brand that was created in Liberia, West Africa that unites people all over the world who believe poverty can be alleviated by empowering women and girls through education. Every purchase from bosh bosh goes toward providing girls with a scholarship to go to school. The scholarship covers items such as a school uniforms and fees. The scholarship is extremely important because many families in Liberia cannot afford to send their children the school.

If girls all around the world begin to go to school, cycles of poverty can be broken and many countries will begin to see an economic growth. Girls are the future and we need to start letting girls learn. 


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